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Metal Gear Crisis 1.1 Metal Gear Crisis 1.1

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


I try not to be a hater. I used to like LF and his creations, but... it sucks that stuff like this is making it on to the top 50. It's not right. Some of the lines are catchy, but for the most part, the scripting sucks. Just more imature LF jokes. The graphical style is cool, I love Nalo's art, but the animation was ugly and n00bish. Everything reeked of unproffesionalism, and even though I tried to enjoy it, I would never watch it again. It just isn't very good... but it still make the top 50 because it's LF. Sorry.

NALO responds:

its cool, i dont expect every one to like it, i am not really a professional, I am 17 and have a life and I havent been animating a year yet, but i am glad you liked the art at least.

no need to be sorry about not liking it, your statements however.....
quote- "it sucks that stuff like this is making it on to the top 50" that is a bit harsh, and your some of your comments and critiques were abit crappy and n00bish, give me advise i can use, its like me looking at a picture you did and saying "thats crap" without giving a good reason, which either means you shouldn't of left a review, becuase your too stupid to articulate a proper comment, or jealousy, but i am pretty sure it is the first one.

its fine if you use to like LF jokes and now you dont, everyone grows and changes there sense of humor.

which leads me to another two questions, when did you stop liking LF movies? and if it was before this movie why did you watch this one?,
you see?
if you think about it you shouldn't of even clicked "watch this movie".
you dont like LF anymore remember?, well your just making stupid mistakes again arn't you?